I lost my brown wallet outside of Native Foods/Kazu Nori restaurants (on Gayley Ave, between Kinross and Lindbrook) at about 6:30pm on Saturday, August 12, 2017. I dropped and went back to look for it within a 15 minute period but it was already gone.

I would really like to get it back. Please. If you picked up, please let me know so it can be returned to me.
Rose gold circle earring w diamond
Lost single ladies earring in the vicinity of cherry , elm or Downey street school while out for a walk. Sentimental --reward for finding and return.
Corduroy stuffed animal
Brown corduroy giraffe/ant-eater. Quite old and worn. Roughly 10-12 inches tall (but sags).
Green large water bottle looks like a hydroflask
black wallet with 4 id and 3 banks cards
i have lost my wallet on 15 July yesterday at 85 university ave at night , near mall area during my walk around the malls , i have ask most malls and security area for it .
wallet description and contents : it is man tumi brand wallet with 1 driver card and three ids cards with Three Bank cards , and some cash .

i am staying at gables university at 85 university ave westwood , zipcode # 02090.

My name is :Mohammad hilal aldusari
contact mobile : 8563167311

Please let me know if been found , thank you .
Eye Glasses
Purple frame, lost on the 20/12/15
Gray Mono Wallet
Gray mono wallet with button latch over the top. Red folds on the inside of the cash pocket. Items under the name of Jacob Lui. Contains a guitar pick.
Cell phone- HTC Omega/Radar
I lost my cell phone on the 20 th of October on Tiverton Avenue.
I happy to give the person who finds my cell phone a finder's award.

It was my Mother's necklace
Gold rope necklace with a gold bible charm on it. I was having a massage at HAPPY FEET on Pico/Westwood. I never take it off because my mother was wearing it when she passed away.
Anybody find a Giants key Chain, with a blue key on it, has my id on it as well Celijah cook